If NBA stars’ ability to change direction is divided into 4 levels

A-level: Curry Curry's three-point shooting overshadows his other skills. But even without it, he is a top-level point guard due to his ball-handling, court vision, passing skills, and ability to change directions. Curry's changes can be simple or deceptive, using speed or shooting threat to leave defenders behind. With his shooting threat, Curry is an expert at changing direction in the league.

S-level: Crawford & Rose Crawford, known for his behind-the-back change of direction, is an offensive powerhouse. Rose, a star who declined in his prime, impresses with his lightning-fast breakthroughs and powerful dunks. Rose has the legendary reputation of "changing direction without deceleration, dunking without touching the rim". 

SS-level: Irving & Hardaway Irving, a kaleidoscope of offense, excels in dribbling and frequently uses change of direction moves. Hardaway popularized the crossover technique, which is now a mandatory course for guards today. 

SSS-level: Iverson Undoubtedly the eternal god of changing direction, Iverson's skills are unmatched. His deceptive changes of direction leave defenders unable to defend him. Iverson is the best player in changing direction.