Strange-looking NBA star

1. He Shengzhen: the first NBA star from Korea, hailed as the "number one center in Asia" by China and the "number one center in the universe" by South Koreans. Besides his poor performance on the court, his appearance is also peculiar, often compared to a hippo.

2. Cassell: part of the "Three-Headed Monsters" of the Timberwolves, he had a unique appearance that fans will never forget. His bald head, wide-set eyes, and big mouth, which revealed two rows of teeth and visible gums, earned him the nickname "ET".

3. Aitken: a rising star for the Suns, despite entering the league in 2018 at the age of 20, he looks much older, more like a veteran player in his fifties. Aitken's prematurely aged appearance is quite surprising.

4. Looney: known for his hardworking nature on the court, Looney's appearance is worth mentioning. Despite being only 26 years old and in his prime, he looks much older. Some even group him with Curry, Green, and Thompson as players from the same generation.

5. Sprewell: a famous NBA "madman" known for his controversial actions. He turned down a $8 million retirement contract, claiming he needed a $10 million salary to support his family. He also almost choked his head coach and had a unique hairstyle with two pigtails resembling Nezha. Overall, these NBA stars stand out due to their unconventional appearances, which have become an integral part of their personas in the league.