Michael Jordan's shocking weight sparks health alarm

Michael Jordan, a basketball legend, has surprisingly gained about 40 pounds in the past year, causing concern among experts and friends about his health. Shocking images reveal the drastic transformation of the once agile and slender player, now with a protruding belly and less toned arms, almost unrecognizable. 

An insider disclosed that the 60-year-old former NBA Finals MVP, estimated to be worth $2 billion, has indulged in a lavish lifestyle during retirement. According to the source, Jordan enjoys seven-course meals and desserts without restraint. Although Jordan seems content, experts are sounding the alarm, worried that if he doesn't make adjustments, he may face health issues in the future. 

Despite his impressive 6-foot-6-inch height attained through years of intense training, medical professionals warn that his rapid weight gain, especially in the abdomen, increases his risk of diabetes. "If I were him, I would seriously change my diet before it's too late!" cautioned a doctor.